Every organization is different. Our solutions are “not 1-size fits all ” type of thing!

We work with government agencies, ministries, municipalities, hotels, restaurants, financial institutions, and a wide range of public and private businesses with a desire to protect the environment and respond to their social responsibilities. As a Technology and Research company, we believe that customizable creative ideas highly enable our clients to achieve their environmental targets faster. It is also cost-effective.

1:Consultation Services

CanaTek EnvoPathKit™ creates a baseline and plan that aligns with your goals.

CanaTek EnvoPath™ Kit

EnvoPath™ Kit creates a baseline and plan that aligns with your goals.

Data analytics is crucial to deliver predictive insights - Information is Power! Our experienced team of professionals collect and analyze raw data to feed developing the Roadmap process and determine the best course of actions. That will help organizations achieve business intelligence through improving their environmental practices faster.

The journey starts with understanding where you stand by performing an Assessment Report (a.k.a. Baseline Report). It is a data-driven report that outlines your company’s current challenges and areas of improvements. Also, it illustrates the maturity level of the environmental operational practices. The report is a pivot step in order to plan a proper detailed roadmap. The assessment phase will cover different aspects of the operational process and identifies areas that can be more sustainable.
Interested to know how much your operation’s emission composes Methane and Carbon Dioxide?

"The report will categorize an organization into one of four environmental maturity profiles based on their scores in terms of Environmental Intensity and Culture."


An organization’s operations are traditional - i.e. it makes no or little use of recycling techniques — and lack the ability to drive change across the business. In this profile, environmental culture and intensity are both low.


Organizations score low on environmental intensity but high on environmental culture. Their operations are mostly conventional, but have the ability to drive change across the business.

Environmental Centric

Organizations score high on environment intensity but low on environment culture. They use green practices to run their business, but lack the ability to drive change across the company.


Organizations score high on both aspects. They use environmental-friendly programs to run their business and have the ability to drive change across the company.

CanaTek EnvoPath™ Report will highlight some recommended practices and programs that will elevate the organization’s intensity and culture.”.

CanaTek EcoGO Roadmap™ Kit

The next step after identifying where you stand and discover areas of improvements, is to “walk the talk”. CanaTek EcoGO Roadmap is a customized strategy and timeline that demonstrates your target milestones in terms of a practical roadmap to prepare you for the implementation phase. The plan will include enough details to hit the ground running.

You Will Be Assigned An Experienced Field Project Manager To Walk You Through The Journey And Discuss Your Requirements, Challenges, And Goals. CanaTek Project Management teams are internationally certified and capable of walking organizations through their implementation projects.

We understand that project governance is key in order to achieve success. During the initiative implementation, a frequent Dashboard will be customized and delivered to the clients’ executive management to monitor progress and facilitate overcoming obstacles.

We don’t leave you alone at this point. We will work with your team on the ground to monitor the efficiency of the implemented solution, suggest modification if required, and measure performance.

The Post Implementation Review Report (PIR) measures and documents whether the outputs of the implemented approach achieved the intended business outcomes and the targeted goals. It includes lessons learned, highlights successes and achievements, and any ongoing activities such as support or updates.

This is an important quality control mechanism built into the CanaTek EcoGO Roadmap™ package.

2:Waste Recycling Products

Many municipalities have set an explicit goal of minimizing landfill usage, which makes recycling its own discrete undertaking. CanaTek adapts modern technologies through software and hardware products to manage recycling of different types of waste with a focus on the organic waste to increase the maturity level of handling the waste. This will optimize the operational processes and reduce the time and cost to manage the daily work.

Recycling Benefits:

Converts waste into new products

Intends to reduce energy usage and the use of new raw materials and therefore preserves natural resources.

Reduces the use of landfills.

Reduces water and air pollution

Reduces the emission of many harmful gasses.

Recycling 1000 kg of aluminium cans saves approximately 5000 kg of Bauxite from being mined (source: ALCOA Australia) and 97% of the energy required to refine it .

Recycling steel saves about 95% of the energy used to refine virgin one (source: U.S. Bureau of Mines) .

Hardware Products

We partner with leading innovative companies to deliver, install, and operate equipment, devices, and control software that are integral parts of the renewal energy and waste recycling process for commercial and residential usage.

Software Products

The end-to-end waste management solutions from collection to treatment and recycling targeting operational excellence. These technologies leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to reduce costs, save time, and increase productivity.

3:The Certification Program

It is all about measuring a company’s entire social and environmental impact. CanaTek partners with a leading Certification Body that covers a holistic view, not exclusively focused on a single social or environmental issue with over 150,000 certified organizations globally. The process to achieve and maintain the certification is rigorous and requires engaging teams and departments across your organization. The Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials. The certification is designed for organizations already practicing responsible business, and who want to commit to playing a part in economic systems change and driving continuous improvement.